2023 4th International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Human-Computer Interaction (ICHCI 2023)

ICHCI2021 | DEC. 17th-19th


The Successful Conclusion of ICMLCA & ICHCI 2021


本次会议的大会主席为沈阳理工大学校长宁先圣教授,大会副主席为沈阳理工大学副校长冯永新教授,学术委员会主席为信息科学与工程学院院长张文波教授、装备工程学院院长岳明凯教授、加拿大康科迪亚大学Prof. Ke-Lin Du,组织委员会主席为科技处处长黄树涛教授、信息科学与工程学院副院长周帆副教授、装备工程学院副院长霸书红教授。

Prof. Xiansheng Ning and Prof. Yongxin Feng, who are president and vice president of Shenyang Ligong University, co-chaired the conferences. The academic committees were led by Prof. Wenbo Zhang, dean of the School of Information Science and Engineering; Prof. Mingkai Yue, dean of the School of Equipment Engineering; and Prof. Ke-Lin Du from Concordia University, Canada. The chairs of the organizing committees were Prof. Shutao Huang, head of the Science and Technology Department; Prof. Zhou Fan, associate dean of the School of Information Science and Engineering; and Prof. Shuhong Ba, associate dean of the School of Equipment Engineering.


The conference aims to provide academics, researchers, and practitioners who engaged in machine learning, computer application, intelligent computing, and human-computer interaction with a platform, where they can exchange ideas, learn recent development trends, broaden research thoughts, and promote industrialization and cooperation of academic achievements.



Conference Addressimage.png


On the morning of Dec. 19, Prof. Ning, on behalf of the conference organizers and organizing committees, gave a welcome speech and extended sincere greetings to the attendees. Then, he introduced the development history, educational philosophy and characteristics of Shenyang Ligong University.



Speeches of Keynote Speakersimage.png

1-韩光洁教授.png            2-梁静教授.png            


Prof. Guangjie Han, Hohai University                

Title: Research on multi-dimensional dynamic trust management mechanism in underwater acoustic sensor networks                


Prof. Jin LiangZhengzhou University                

Title: Research on the Application of Evolutionary Computation in Feature Selection and Ensemble Learning                

3-仲元昌教授.png            4-汤永兴教授.png            


Prof. Yuanchang Zhong, Chongqing University                

Title: Application of machine vision in remote meter reading of gas meter                



Prof. Yongxing Tang, Nanjing University of Science & Technology                

Title: Molecular design and synthesis of novel nitrogen-rich fused ring energetic compounds                

5-王玉林教授.png            6-朱继忠教授.png            


Prof. Yulin Wang, Wuhan University                

Title: Drone(UAV): from bionic flight to brain like autonomous navigation                



Prof. Jizhong Zhu, South China University of Technology                

Title: New Energy Development and Prediction Technology for New Power Systems                



Prof. Tao WangBeijing Institute of Technology                

Title: Phase field simulation study of self-organized adiabatic shear localization at high strain rates                


Oral Presentationsimage.png


On the afternoon of December 19th, 9 people including Xin Zheng from the 38th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Yulei Zhu from Tibet University and Ying Hao from Shenyang Ligong University gave oral presentations, and displayed the academic achievements of more than 30 scholars including Xiaocheng Wang from Guizhou University in the form of posters.


During the conference, participants have carried out constructive dialogues and discussions around the presented reports, and achieved positive results in many aspects.




The conference focuses on the new challenges and directions of machine learning, computer applications, intelligent computing and human-computer interaction, and aims to presents the latest progress of international research on machine learning and computer application-related technologies. The successful convening of ICMLCA & ICHCI 2021, on the one hand, promoted the communication and cooperation between domestic and foreign experts; on the other hand, it also provided support for the construction of the two disciplines of Shenyang Ligong University, Computer Science and Technology as well as Armament Science and Technology, which have been authorized to grant doctoral degree.


作为本次大会主办方之一,以实际行动助力大会圆满召开,未来也将持续秉承“专业、专心、专注 ” 的学术服务精神,以促进学术繁荣为出发点和落脚点,开展各类学术交流活动,共同促进学术科研与应用研究的发展。

As one of the organizers of ICMLCA & ICHCI 2021, has taken practical actions to facilitate the conference. In the future, AEIC will continue to focus on providing specialized academic services, and keep delivering high-quality activities for academic exchanges to promote scientific researches as well as their applications.